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Ceramic Injection Moulding to take centre stage at Ceramics Expo 2019

Mar 20,2019


Ceramics Expo 2019, the fifth edition in the event series organised by Smarter Shows, Brighton, UK, will be held at the I-X Center in Cleveland, Ohio, USA, from April 30–May 1, 2019. The extended uptake of technical ceramics has been a core aim of the Ceramics Expo series of events ever since the inaugural show in 2015, where Ceramic Injection Moulding (CIM) was identified early on as one of the lead technologies in this field.

During the exhibition, leading exponents of the ceramics industry are expected to showcase many and various engineering components that fall into the domain of CIM. Originally seen as an extremely attractive option for the high-volume production of, especially, smaller items, the technologies underpinning this forming method have evolved such that medium- and low-volume runs (employing low-pressure CIM, for instance) can be managed effectively and can become commercially feasible. There is little waste, it’s energy efficient and total production time is optimised.

Where CIM comes into its own is where there is a requirement for complex design, shapes and profiles, and different geometries. In many instances, these demands relate to products that play a significant role in the industries from which Ceramics Expo is said to draw a large proportion of its visitors – healthcare/medical, aerospace, automotive, electrical/electronics, energy storage, defence, and machining.

Ceramics Expo is also expected to attract a number of suppliers of the granulated ceramic feedstock used in CIM, who will showcase their latest work in the field. Further, manufacturers of moulds, sintering furnaces, in-furnace supports (trays and setter plates) and post-process machining will exhibit during the show. Exhibiting companies include 3DCeram Sinto, XJet, Inmatec Technologies, Morgan Advanced Materials, Formatec Ceramics, Saint-Gobain Ceramics, Corning, 3M Advanced Materials Division, Kyocera, CoorsTek and more.

Held concurrently with the exhibition, the Ceramics Expo Conference will also offer insight into current and future developments in technical ceramics and their applications, as well as providing practical advice on cost reduction and the scaling up of central manufacturing processes. Featured sessions on cutting-edge applications for energy storage (day 1) and advances in electro-ceramics (day 2) may be of particular interest to the CIM industry.